title : : saatchi gallery
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last saturday saw a visit to richard wilson’s 20:53 in the basement and light works by anselm reyle, david batchelor and bjorn dahlem, on the top floor. john baldessari ‘beethoven’s trumpet (with ear) Opus# 133’ was strangely appealing. no shot taken of the magnificent work ‘summit’ by kris martin… too busy enjoying the tiny paper crosses on the monolithic blocks, a grounded but emotive work.

title : : building blocks
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miami beach
new york

title : : dock marks
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harbour arm folkestone

title : : green, water and light
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on a day of continuing disturbance
in the uk…
some calming images
of green, water and light

title : : first light
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closer to silence

title : : traces at dusk
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movement passing through
moving fields of observation

title : : void works 1.1 – 1.6
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red gold black

title : : turner contemporary
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a sunday afternoon visit to margate’s new turner contemporary gallery.
clean space, sun, sea, sky, and children playing on the wave washed slipway

title : : air, space and light
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transitory phenomena
captured on my last
three trips

title : : quiet rain by ‘being’
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‘being’ is my ongoing collaborative sound art project. ‘quiet rain’ is a hand made box set of dvd, cd and prints on the iconic cotton goods label. released on the 14th july 2011 and available as a limited edition of 100 copies on boomkat.
the site specific project is set around a single mangrove tree in the florida keys. an underwater film called ‘particle stream’ is also remixed by ‘the humble bee’. a 12min sound piece, based on a hydrophonic field recording of small sounds around the tree’s submerged roots, is remixed by ‘the green kingdom’ and ‘the boats’. four circular underwater photographic prints and an original giclee of a coral micrographic section complete the beautifully created packaging by craig tattersall. the sound piece was mastered by taylor deupree at 12k mastering.

extensive article and film on fluid radio.

the full project titled ‘detritus’ can be accessed on the strange leaves site.

title : : lighthouse capture
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folkestone lighthouse, capturing:
: : seawater
: : sound
: : still images
: : film

folkestone lighthouse blog
by russell burden

a project created by folkestone fringe…
folkestone fringe

title : : nexus giclees
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part of the installation below, a set of seven giclee prints on somerset velvet.
shot on a nikon d300, the images are of spider webs revealing nodes of light and networks of spectral lines