title : : water garden
source : :

koi pond
carlisle bay

title : : green transport
source : :

road side

title : : the folkestone lighthouse ep
source : :
the folkestone lighthouse ep by ‘being’ is a development of ‘boundaries’, a cymatic live feed audio-visual installation by russell burden. commissioned and supported by ‘folkestone fringe’, ‘boundaries’ was shown as the last leg of the ‘international lighthouse relay’ during the folkestone triennial 2011.

the ep consists of collaborations on different tracks between russell burden (being) and:
craig tattersall, danny norbury, jez riley french.
the original field recordings from within the lighthouse are also on the 3″ cd and the smaller postcard inserts vary per copy.
for much more information including the cymatic film from the installation, please use the links below.

boundaries film : : here
boundaries information : : here
folkestone fringe : : here
a closer listen review : : here
fluid radio review : : here
attn magazine review : : here
folkestone triennial : : here

title : : stains, traces and tears
source : :

images shot for friend and artist nicholette goff for her beautiful show stains, traces and tears (impressions from a field laboratory) at the space gallery in folkestone.

22nd march – 8th april

title : : john taylor cd cover
source : :

two shots for ‘phases’ from my
intertidal series for the
british jazz improv pianist
john taylor

design: cam

title : : sideways cd cover
source : : ,

three shots from my ‘blueprints’ series
previous post : : sketchbook 4.1 – 4.6

perspectives 1
thom norton
sideways recordings

design: nebulo strata

title : : historic soundings
source : :

two poignant slides
from my soundings/dredgings collection

: : challenger expedition stn.274
: : reclaimed atlantic cable

title : : roydon fen
source : :

a weekend in ‘diss’ sparked a look at
lateral fen hydrology & associated
rills & flushes
ladders & laggs
waterlogged floodplains
base-rich/base-poor groundwaters
mires, blanket bogs
and anaerobic conditions

title : : sketchbook 4.1 – 4.6
source : : , ,


title : : tate trip
source : :

in a yayoi kusama infinity space and the tacita dean ‘film’ in the turbine hall

walking through the city at night
a waterfall in a shop window

title : : granite forms
source : :

as found laid by the tide

deposited by the erosion
of an ancient beach now high in the cliff

penwith coast (hepworth country)

title : : chagford windows
source : :

for dear departed friend
diana taylor