title : : urban black and whites
source : :

old b&w’s that i don’t know what to do with…

title : : windows of eye
source : :

richly beautiful glass painting
in ‘eye’ parish church

title : : close encounter
source : :

abbey gardens
bury st.edmunds

title : : new finds
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the studio is filling up!

left to right:
early under-sea cable
big glass plate negative
massive bulb holder
huge bulbs – biggest 8000w
old natural philosophy book
giant filters
resistance tester box
huge porcelain fuse

title : : tench cover shots
source : :

my black and white images for the beautiful cd ‘incidental music’ by ‘the green kingdom’ (michael cottone) on tench records, usa

album page here : : tench records

the green kingdom : : here

title : : sketchbook 6.1 to 6.4
source : : , , ,

pulling together recent work based upon the ideas of ‘imaginary observations’ and ‘seeing through the veil’

title : : surface slot
source : :

the air/water interface
passing through a fixed frame

title : : breakfast plate
source : :

bath, somerset…
best full vegan breakfast at ‘the boston tea party’ before finding 2 vols of 1974 1st editions of samuel palmers letters in fine condition.

title : : close to darkness
source : : , ,

supported by:
arts council england
limbo arts margate

an immersive sensory installation by:
edda jones & russell burden.
comprising of sound and discreetly back-lit imagery in a completely blacked out space.

private view:
6pm summer equinox 21st June 2012.
the substation project space,
margate, kent.
public access:
22nd – 24th June, 3pm – 8pm.

viewers enter through a light trap not seeing the interior dimensions of the space. some peoples senses may eventually become more comfortable with the darkness but the show inverts the normal gallery experience, allowing individuals to confront themselves in rarely experienced ways.

images 1-5 shot in low light:
1-4. russell burden
5. edda jones
6. gallery lights on
7. recording at the limbo substation
8. russell burden, artists flyer.

for full imagery and process…
view previous three posts

edda jones website : : here
limbo arts : : here
dot dash blog : : here

title : : plant stem sections 7 – 12
source : :

six of twelve plant stem sections shot on a stereoscopic microscope in polarised light for ‘close to darkness’.

title : : plant stem sections 1 – 6
source : :

six of twelve plant stem sections shot on a stereoscopic microscope in polarised light for ‘close to darkness’.

title : : microtome test
source : :

plant stem section cutting test for my new series of work for ‘close to darkness’. a show with edda jones at limbo arts substation project space in margate.
collecting, fixing, clearing, wax embedding, cutting, mounting.