title : : node & nexus light pieces
source : :

my node and nexus installation is now showing as part of the folkestone triennial fringe at ‘the cube’ education centre in folkestone (25th june – 2nd sept 2011).
‘node’ is a lit column of seven images… sixteen gridded grey squares on white paper were shot with a fixed camera but slipping focus.
the two ‘nexus’ lit panels are images of spider webs shot at lizard point, south cornwall

title : : circulations process
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a few images shot during the making of ‘circulations’ (see below) including collecting objects, fishing for sound, collating and placing objects, shooting the assemblage, sound kit installed, wall papering and cut vinyl graphic elements

title : : circulations installation
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my latest installation is now showing for three months (25th june – 25th sept 2011) at ‘the folkestone history centre’ during the period of the folkestone triennial. funded by the european regional development fund as part of the treasures revealed project, circulations is 1000 local sea-worn objects from ‘east wear bay’, collected over 365 days, assembled in a 400mm circle, housed in a purpose-built cabinet, complete with an integral sound piece of the coastal site’s flint pebbles moving underwater. the wall above holds a text inventory of 80 categories, a map of the primary source material collecting area and a photograph of the circle of objects placed in the beach where they were discovered. amongst many historical objects are vintage glass beads, dice, marbles and buttons, ceramic pot sherds, doll and teddy bear eyes and early electrical parts. the oldest identified artifact is a romano-british cobalt bead

title : : folkestone lighthouse relay
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starting work on folkestone lighthouse sound and visual piece for ‘lighthouse relay’ a triennial fringe project due for showing at the bank 46 tontine street, folkestone, kent. one leg of a 14 week 40 artist collaboration.

folkestone lighthouse blog
by russell burden

a project created by folkestone fringe…
folkestone fringe

title : : ray pilots
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swimming just above a hard won ray, these fish dart and devour anything their unwitting companion disturbs in its foraging for food and shelter

title : : termite walkways
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keeping from exposure to heat and predators in the tropics, termites create pulp/earth tubes to travel about in

title : : urchin spawn
source : :

late afternoon
hawksnest bay

title : : waveforms
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a short sharp
tropical storm
peppered the sand
this morning

title : : critters on st.john
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virgin islands national park
created 1916

title : : flame tree
source : :

delonix regia
or ‘flamboyant’
june, st.john

title : : terminal d floor
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in haste between planes at miami airport over a half mile long installation; 2000 brass inlays of plants and invertebrates on black terrazzo by michele oka doner,
entitled ‘a walk on the beach’

title : : castle windows
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the great tower
dover castle