title : : fen water iridescence
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‘this is the last post on starbathing and comes a big thank you to all the individuals who have commented so beautifully about the project since march 2003.
starbathing will stay online for the foreseeable future’

this post: a naturally occurring meniscus, formed by chemical processes in the bog-peat of a norfolk fen. the thin surface films are made of iron salts. insoluble iron compounds precipitate out of the submerged, deoxygenated environment. anaerobic bacteria concentrate the iron as part of their life process. their fuzzy movement can be when viewed under a compound microscope as they jostle and vibrate within the interference colours of the iron slick.

title : : portals & thresholds
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work in progress 2013-14
portals and thresholds

• sky objects
• cloud full of stars
• sky dome

title : : west wood 2
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second walk
after lengthy rains
furrows now small pools
filling with common duckweed

title : : droplets
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dew held in on leaf hairs (trichomes)

title : : elements
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notes from a west country walk

title : : expanses cd cover
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the green kingdom’s ‘expanses’ cover images on ‘dronarivm’

title : : chalk pool
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saline liquid
particle suspension
monotonal light


title : : west wood
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digital pinhole time exposures
after watching
& lars von trier

title : : river dour
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work in progress 2013-14
film & soundtrack release
working title: i,river
location: river dour, dover
editor: ewan golder
publisher: remote projects

title : : two bridges
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the river dart

title : : wistmans wood
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wizened oak high altitude woodland

title : : piles copse
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ancient high altitude woodland
wild swimming the river erme